Any Exercise is Better Than No Exercise

You may be lacking in motivation and don’t feel like doing those 30 crunches, but it’s important to stay moving. Even a walk can do wonders for your whole body and your waist!


5 Ways To Stay Fit During Winter

Sometimes it can be hard to keep motivated during the Winter months. It’s harder to get out of bed and there’s less daylight hours to work with. If you struggle to stay fit during Winter, see these 5 ways to keep going.

  1. Commit to shorter, high intensity workouts rather than long drawn out over-an-hour workouts.
  2. Do you cardio at home inside, maybe set up your exercise bike in front of the TV.
  3. Work several muscles groups at once, for example combining squats with bicep curls.
  4. Find some easy, healthy Winter recipes you love and buy all the ingredients needed.
  5. Stay positive. It may be dreary outside but remember why you work out in the first place – to feel good!

Tips for Women Strengthening Their Upper Body

Here we share our top tips for women who are training arms and chest,

  1. Focus on exercises that target both biceps and triceps while also other body groups.That way you train the arms but also burn more calories. I.e, combine bicep curls with a squat.
  2. Use heavy resistance when you work out your upper body.
  3. Start your routine by targeting back and chest first as smaller muscles fatigue more quickly and won’t be able to offer the support.

As always, if you have any questions or need any advice about building upper body mass, come and visit us in store!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

For all those fit mums out there who live in workout gear we have the perfect Mother’s Day present.

Pick her out a top, tights or a perhaps a jumper as it’s getting cooler. She will just love it, as it’s not often Mum’s have money spent on themselves!



City to Casino Fun Run and Walk


Get involved in the City to Casino Fun Run and Walk!

It is 24 days away and that may seem soon, but you’d surprised how quick your body can whip itself into shape for a fun run! Ease yourself into running 3 times a week from here on out and you will be able to run some distance!

If you’re not quite fit enough, you can always walk.

Check out their page here for more information and registration.