Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

For all those fit mums out there who live in workout gear we have the perfect Mother’s Day present.

Pick her out a top, tights or a perhaps a jumper as it’s getting cooler. She will just love it, as it’s not often Mum’s have money spent on themselves!



City to Casino Fun Run and Walk


Get involved in the City to Casino Fun Run and Walk!

It is 24 days away and that may seem soon, but you’d surprised how quick your body can whip itself into shape for a fun run! Ease yourself into running 3 times a week from here on out and you will be able to run some distance!

If you’re not quite fit enough, you can always walk.

Check out their page here for more information and registration.


Warm Weather Makes Exersice Easy

First off, we hope you all had a wonderful Easter break!

For most of us, it’s back to the daily grind. But, the weather has our back this week with quite a few warm days to come.

Warm, sunny mornings means it will be a lot easier to jump out of bed and into our workout gear for early morning jogging

Friday is tipped to be 25 degrees, so make the most of it!