Toning Common Myths

Your fitness goal may be to look and feel toned. This is achieved through basic weight-lifting and fat burning. Yes – weight-lifting!

There are a lot of myths surrounding how to tone up and so we thought we better debunk a few of them!

1. Lifting weights will make you look bulky. A lot of women are scared to pick up the weights as they fear they will end up looking too bulky. Lifting weights is important to tone up as it will add a bit more muscle to your body and make you look leaner. Whereas to “bulk up” involves spending a lot more time in the gym and adhering to a strict diet that promotes muscle gain.

2. Preforming more repetitions is better. You are better off doing about 8 to 15 repetitions with a heavier weights than more with lighter weights.

3. Sticking to the same routine is the best way to get results. Although there is some truth in this, your muscles get accustomed to the work you do and stop growing so you need to change up your routines once you aren’t feeling as fatigued as you once were.

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Benefits Of Plyometrics

Plyometrics are more fun to perform than traditional exercises, and do wonders for the body. If you don’t incorporate plyometrics into your workout, you’ll want to once you understand the awesome benefits.

Plyometrics Benefits you didn’t know:

  • Enhanced performance – Increases in speed and agility. Even if you are involved in an activity or sport that doesn’t involve running, plyos can still help.
  • Muscle Power – Strength in your arms and legs is enhanced by a higher rate of force development, therefore guarantees a rise in muscle power and force.
  • Burning Calories – Increases in metabolism whilst you are at rest, as this is a form of High Intensity Interval Training.
  • Endurance – Help get your stamina and power up, as these are performance indicators to endurance to use muscle force more efficiently.
  • No Extreme Equipment – You can use almost anything, or grab some steps from us!
  • For You Needs – plyometric training can be changed to suit anyone’s needs and fitness levels,.

Incorporating plyometrics into your fitness routines can help your fitness and is a great way to mix things up!


Why Rowers are Underrated

Bodyworx 2in1Rowers can sometimes be overshadowed by Treadmills  and Elliptical Cross Trainers.

We’re here to tell you why Rowers are a great piece of equipment for a killer workout!  Rowers work your whole body. Your arm, leg, core and back muscles all are used when you jump on this machine.

Not only that, Rowers burns heaps of calories. They’re a cardio and strength workout. But the best part is that it’s a low impact exercise. So if you’ve had an injury, the Rower is easy on the joints.

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Pilates Foam Roller Workout

Using a foam roller in your pilates workout can make it more challenging.

Try this workout at home and see if it challenges and strengthens your body more.



School Holiday Entertainment

Vuly-10ft-250x243Trampolines are a great way to keep the kids entertained over these school holidays.

The best part is that they are outside and being active.

If you really want to spoil the kids you can grab a basketball hoop so they can have a go shooting hoops while bouncing!