2016 Workout


What was your first workout for 2016?

Was it going for a run on your treadmill? Cycling? A high intensity strength workout?

Whatever it was, we hope it was awesome! Keep it up for the rest of 2016. If you need any exercise advice or workout tips feel free to come and visit us in store.



Congrats to Cadbury Marathon Runners

As you may know the Cadbury Marathon took place this time last week.

The team here at Sinclairs Fitness just wanted to say congratulations to all the runners and to the winners of the marathon.

Also Bryan and the crew wish you all a speedy recovery!  We imagine you may all be doing a whole lot of foam rolling this week!


New Years Resolution with Sinclairs Fitness

Firstly, happy New Year!

If your New Years Resolution had anything to do with health and fitness then pop into the store and our staff will be able to help you out!

Give yourself the best chance at staying true to your resolution with great advice and some new fitness equipment.

Remember that keeping your fitness goals is all about creating goo lifestyle habits.


Sunday Stretches

It’s Sunday!

Time to relax and do some stretches after a hard week of workouts.

Our top tips for stretching include,

Hold each stretch for up to 30 seconds,

Remember to take long deep breaths,

Shake it out after each stretch.