School Holiday Entertainment

Vuly-10ft-250x243Trampolines are a great way to keep the kids entertained over these school holidays.

The best part is that they are outside and being active.

If you really want to spoil the kids you can grab a basketball hoop so they can have a go shooting hoops while bouncing!



Push Ups – The Right Way

When it comes to working out, good technique is really important. It can make a huge difference in the type of results you see and will help you avoid injury.

So here’s a guide to correct technique for push ups.

It’s a bit tricky to tell if you’re doing it properly- I know I always feel like I’m in a straight line, even when I’m really not.  I like using a mirror, or even my phone to record a few push ups, and then watch it back to see what my technique actually looks like.

Give it a try!



The Assault Air Bike

assaultNow this is a good looking exercise bike!

We’re excited to introduce the Assault Air Bike.  It’s a reinvention of the old school Air Dyne – with some cool new features added on.

The uniqueness of the air resistance system is that it offers as much resistance as you can handle. The harder you pedal the greater the resistance.

It also has a computer, to tell you your time, distance, speed and calories.  And if you’re looking for an extra challenge, try out the built in programs including TABATA, target calories and target distance.




Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

T2_Solid_FocusOne of the most common questions we get here at Sinclairs Fitness would have to be:

What piece of equipment should I use for weight loss?

Well, it depends!

For weight loss, it has to be an aerobic exercise – think cardio, not strength.

But from there, it doesn’t really matter.  If you like it, do that!

If you like walking, hire a treadmill or you prefer to ride a bike, hire a bike.

Hire the piece of equipment that best suits your enthusiasm.  Consistency is key with weight loss and if you enjoy your workout you’re much more likely to keep it up.

Hope that helps!  And remember, if you need a hand choosing the right piece of equipment for you, come and have a chat to our very knowledgeable (and good looking ;o) staff.  We’re here to help!



Great Spin Bike – the CS800

CS800-Spin-BikeThe CS800 spin bike is one of my favourites – a great, sturdy option with plenty going for it!

  • 150kgs maximum user weight
  • 23kg Fly Wheel
  • Superior Kevlar Drive belt
  • Aluminum dual sided Pedals with SPD compatibility
  • Commercial grade sealed bearings
  • Anatomically designed saddle
  • Optional wireless computer with Heart rate receiver is avaible
  • Cam lock level levers for quick and easy adjustments
You can buy this beauty for $1495 or hire for just $143/month, with the option to purchase down the track.