Vibration Trainers – What are they and how do they work?

Vibration trainers have become quite popular in the last few years – but many people don’t know how (or if!) they work.

How vibration trainers work    

INFINITI-POWERTRONIC-vibration-trainerVibration trainers vibrate up to 50 timers in a second. These trainers vibrate in three different directions increasing the body’s G-force. People compare this from of workout to aerobics.

The vibration trainer works by making use of the body’s muscle fiber. It encourages voluntary muscle movement similar to what is experienced when strength training, running or even walking. The vibration movement activates up to 60% of the muscles fibers. The body’s neuromuscular system controls this process. Over time, the process is familiar with the number of muscle fibers that need to be activated to accomplish certain levels of workout at a time.

Over time, body vibration will cause almost all muscle fibers to activate and contract to given extremes during the vibration process. In turn, this causes you to increase your workout speed while on the trainer. 

Vibration Trainers and Your Workout

Vibration trainers are not a substitute for exercising – they aid in weight loss and increasing muscle tone, but are just one piece of the puzzle.  The idea is for the vibration trainer to activate the muscles, making you more productive in other exercises, which then give you the results.

And vibration trainers aren’t just for fitness – they can also assist people with

  • Osteoporosis and
  • Muscle atrophy.

They’re also used for rehab therapy, as they increase the flow of blood to the muscles.

Make sure you use the trainer for 15 minutes per day at most – less is more with this one!

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